#TEDTalkTuesday: Every kid needs a champion by Rita F. Pierson

I have watched this TED Talk by Rita F. Pierson several times, often thinking about the teachers and community members who were champions for me.  I do not know how I would have made it through challenging times without them.  More recently, my perspective has shifted to thinking of my responsibilities as an administrator charged with championing the causes of both students and teachers.  Ms. Pierson’s insistence that we must actively love and support even the most difficult children is so motivating, I believe the talk should be on a continual loop in schools everywhere.

Even if you have seen this TED Talk before, I hope you’ll watch it again and ask yourself the following questions:

Who has been a champion for me?  How would I have ever made it through that difficult ________ (behavior, learning challenge, home situation) without them?

When have I seen that a child needs a champion and stepped up?  Is there an opportunity right in front of me now?

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